Ink Recipes

There are times when we want to hand write our spells, rituals, notes, chants, Book of Shadows and more. Making your own ink is very good for these and besides it’s fun to do as well. Makes things just seem a whole lot more personal. So here are some recipes for you to do just that.

Bat’s Blood Ink
2 parts dragon’s blood resin
1/2 part myrrh resin
2 drops cinnamon oil
2 drops indigo color
12 parts alcohol
1/2 part gum arabic

Steep the ground resins in  the alcohol till dissolved, then add the cinnamon oil, indigo and ground gum arabic. Filter and bottle.

Dove’s Blood Ink
1 part dragons’ blood
2 drops cinnamon
2 drops bay
10 parts alchohol
1 part gum arabic
2 drops rose oil
Filter and bottle.

 Dragon’s Blood Ink
1 part dragon’s blood resin
15 parts alcohol
1 part gum arabic
Filter and bottle.

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