Make A Black Scrying Mirror

Find yourself an old wooden or metal picture frame. Make sure that the frame is a dark color, as shiny frames tend to reflect in the finished mirror.  An oval or a round frame is best no more than about 12″ in diameter. Don’t get one too big; you will want to carry it around sooner or later. With very little effort these can be found for a couple of dollars at any second hand store.

Buy a can of high gloss spray enamel paint. Read the label and make sure it is good for glass. Some paints are not. This can be found at any hobby shop, or hardware store.

Remove the glass and clean it well with a good glass cleaner. Let it dry for several hours.

Place the clean glass on a large piece of newspaper, being careful to handle it by the edges so as not to get finger oil on the surface. Spray paint the glass using quick even light passes back and forth until the glass is covered completely. WARNING! do not allow the paint to run! If you do the painting
outdoors, be sure it is a sunny windless day. You do not want the paper or other debris to blow onto the wet paint and it takes several hours to dry before it can be handled.

Apply a second coat if necessary, but for the best effect it is best to do this in one coat. The mirror effect will be flawless that way.

Place the glass back into the finished frame and you have your Black Scrying Mirror. Believe me, it is every bit as good as any you can find for sale.

Empower the mirror with a Full Moon Spell or any spell which works for you. Once consecrated it is infused with your own personal magnetism and should not be handled by anyone else. If someone picks it up, reconsecrate it.

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