Cascading Coupons

Cascade Those Coupons

In the present state of affairs our economy is in, we all need to take steps to know that we are getting the best and most bang for our bucks. Using coupons is one of the million or so ways to help us during these rough times.

Cascading your coupons will allow you to pay very little or nothing at all and perhaps be able to make a buck or two in the process. There is a website that will teach you just how to do this and I have posted the link in this page for you.

Some of you may say cascading coupons is the same as stacking coupons, well it is NOT. You can learn all about it, but visiting the posted link.

So while you are reading the morning paper having a nice cuppa, you might consider cutting out those coupons, and if you do not plan to use them, there are lots of people who do, so please when you are doing your shopping, simply lay them on or near the product and someone will be able to make use of them and keep them out of the landfills.

Please pay close attention to the website if you or any member of your family is in the military. There are a couple of sections on the site specifically for military and requires a password. If you need these passwords because you are military and maybe because you are in the military serving overseas, then please get in touch with the site webmistresses.


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