The Witches Tarot

One of the most used deck of Tarot cards today is the Rider-Waite deck. I for one have never been able to catch onto them for reading their meanings. I am very fond of The Witches Tarot deck.

Many people have told me that they find it very difficult to read The Witches Tarot as it is based primarily on the Qabala.

With this beeen said, when I went to purchase a deck for my own personal use, I looked at literally every type the store had available and these are the ones that seem to have literally jumped into my hands, so I took that as a sign that these were the ones I should learn and work with.

When I first began to study the Tarot, I asked so many questions that I think others must have thought me crazy, but I was and still am very much interested in this type of divination. I use the cards to answer some very important questions that I have about everything.

One of the questions that I have asked again and again is this, what does this mean or that mean and well quite frankly, even though one has a guide book, I feel that the answer is whatever you as a reader sees, not necessarily what the books say. We all have different interpretations of all matters and problems, therefore what one thing means to one person, may not necessarily mean the same to another. When I am with my Tarot cards, I feel the message they are telling me and then I relay that message to the situation at hand.

Perhaps I am going about this all wrong, but to me there is no right way and no wrong way; you must go with what your inner soul is telling you or showing you. Yes you do need to learn what the symbols represent individually, but you must see the entire picture as well and how it relates to the situation at hand.


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