Desk Stretches

Most of us spend most of our time either behind a desk in an office situation or in front of our computers. It always seems as if there are not enough hours in a day to be able to get in those exercises that are so essential to our daily health.

Most of the time, we feel we must spend some time at a gym in order to get a good work-out; but this is not the case. Why spend so much of your hard earned cash flow doing something that you can actually do while doing your everyday job or surfing the Net. These will cost you nothing and you won’t even lose time from your tasks at hand.

You might want to try and incorporate some of these into your daily routines perhaps while visiting the Relaxation Link on my website. It does wonders for your work performance.

For neck tension sitting at your desk, drop your chin to your chest as you exhale. Inhale and very slowly let your right ear drop to your right shoulder. Exhale and roll your chin to your chest. Inhale and roll your left ear to your left shoulder. Exhale and return to the chest. Continue these movements, slowly and easily, for several minutes.

To stretch your whole spine, raise your arms over your head. Stretch your right arm toward the ceiling, hold and relax. Then repeat with your left arm. Breathe slowly, exhaling completely as you stretch. Repeat several times.

For joint mobility, stretch one leg in front of you and roll your ankle in circles, both directions. Repeat on the other side.

Then, with your arms at your sides, roll your wrists one way, then the other.

As if you had a piece of tape stuck to your fingers, shake your arms and hands vigorously to get it off. Shake for 30 seconds and feel the energy move through your limbs.

For upper body tension, clasp your hands behind your head with your elbows to the side. Exhale and very slowly twist your head and torso to the right. Hold for a moment, inhale and turn back to center. Then exhale, turn to the left, and return to center. Repeat 5 times each direction, up to 3 times a day.

To ease back tension, push your chair away from the desk. Stretch both arms forward and rest your hands on the desk. Exhale and lower your head while arching your back. Relax for a moment with your head down, then inhale and raise your head and chest, arching your back in the other direction. Stretch several times this way, breathing slowly and completely.


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