The word Witchcraft to some is a very sinful, disgusting and shameful word. It is assumed by many to have negative overtones and consequences.  When in fact it should be a very powerful, and soul soothing word. Witchcraft is merely the workings of the natural energies, herbs, rocks, stones, minerals and all natural things found in our everyday world.

The sunshine that produces heat is warmth to help our crops grow, to sunbathe our bodies, to produce energy in our solar system and atmosphere. Without sunshine, we would have none of these things and we would be living in a very dark place.

Mother Earth, which gives us so much, food to eat, clothes to wear, shelter to build our homes, beautiful flowers to make our homes and lives more romantic and the list goes on and on. The air we breathe, the stars in the solar system, the planets these are all a part of what the witches use in Witchcraft.

Witchcraft is just another way for a person to understand the world around them, but by combining all the aspects of the elements, a witch can and does use these elements to rework the forces of nature to bring them into balance so that should a person require the need for greater intervention, then all she or he has to do is call upon these elements in nature to help bring about good fortune, a respected lover, a plentiful crop, and to be in tune with these forces for the betterment of all.

Witchcraft is NOT an evil word or even evil workings. It is all positive and meant to harm none. Anyone who says they can do things to cause harm to another person, or cause things to happen badly, or cause catastrophes in ones life, let me assure you these people are NOT using witchcraft. Witchcraft is not evil, and I cannot express this enough.

There are evil people who will do evil things in this world, but these people are in no way associated with the natural course of witchcraft. Some claim to be, but as a practicing witch myself, I can assure you that they are NOT. Witchcraft is one of the elements of life that is usually done for a reason and not out of some necessity to be directed at others and not at self.

One of the elements that comes into play when learning and doing witchcraft is Karma. Karma is the shaping of the past, present and future experiences and are continuous, therefore anything that is sent out just might come back to bite you in the butt. It is imperative to know what you are doing and be prepared to accept the consequences for your actions, good or bad.



2 responses to “Witchcraft

  1. Thank you for your comment. I have always been one to believe that Karma is there for a reason. Most people just simply do not stop and think about the consequences of their actions.

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