Misconceptions About South Africa

It’s time to put a few misconceptions straight about South Africa.

Banks: South Africa’s banks are the most expensive banks in the world. In South Africa you have to pay the bank a percentage of any cash deposit to your account (between 1% and 1.5%). There are few other countries with an interest rate as high as South Africa’s. Bank tellers and other officials are notoriously ignorant of interest rates – try asking any teller what the prime rate is and it will take 20 minutes to get an answer. Banks even charge a fee for sending an e-mail (FNB 50c) even when the e-mail is automatically generated. (e-mails are free). Talk about ripping off the public.

Workers: Most workers are notoriously lazy and will shirk work at any excuse. Part time domestic workers are generally extremely unreliable, and will only turn up for work if and when it suits them. The Xhosa tribe are a good example of this.

Government efficiency: Basically there isn’t any. It takes up to two months (sometimes longer) to get a computer generated “unabridged” copy of one’s wedding certificate from Home Affairs. In America it would probably take 10 minutes.

Power company: The National Power Company, Eskom, has increased its tariffs by 31.3% in the 12 months leading up to 3/31/2010. The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has approved a nominal Eskom power tariff increase of 24,8% as from April 1, 2010, and subsequent increases of 25,8% and 25,9% for 2011/12 and 2012/13 respectively. This effectively means that for every R100 a consumer spent on electricity in 2009, he will be paying R259.50 in the year 2012/13. How efficient is this?

BEE: The Government’s policy of BEE (Black empowerment) is little more than a reverse “Apartheid” policy and has resulted in incompetence on many of the country’s positions of authority. Many whites with high qualifications are having to leave the country because they are unemployed.

Corruption: Corruption is rife in both Government and local government.

AIDS: There is no argument that South Africa has the world’s highest percentage of AIDS for its population.

Complacency: Too many NGOs and individuals are aware of these faults but are too complacent to do anything about it.

Let’s stop singing the praises to South Africa until we have put some of these faults right.





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