Turning a Rolling Pin

Nice Wooden Handmade Rolling Pin

by Larry Hancock

A rolling pin is not the most glamorous of turning projects but I like to turn items that I know will be used and handled often. When I think of all the different pieces I have turned over the years it is the simple usable items that come to mind. I have tool handles, gavels, crochet hooks, baby rattles, pens, needle cases and more in countries around the world. Someone may be crocheting a blanket for their new grandchild, rapping sold on the auctioneers stand at Christies in London, or rasping a horse’s hoof in Australia with a turned piece I created.

I have been in a kind of turning slump over the last year or so but now that I am busy turning again I really appreciate the opportunities I have been given by woodturning. I have met lots of great people and been given turning projects that challenged me to learn new techniques and methods of work.

Anyway, you’ll be seeing more of me and the pieces I turn, simple and complex. This is a rolling pin of hard maple and purple heart, the handles also turn. The barrel is 3″ in diameter and 12″ long. The overall length is 22 1/2″. There is no finish on the wood. I prefer to let the new owner of items used around food to select the oil or other treatment they want applied.

The shaft pieces for the handles are glued in with Titebond 2 water resistant yellow glue. All the pieces that can rub together are coated with parafin wax so glue won’t stick to them. I don’t use much glue because the fit is tight. I have just enough end play in the handle to slide a folded paper towel edge between the barrel and handle to wipe any excess glue out before it dries.

No fancy beads or coves to get dough stuck in, just a simple smooth shape on the handles. I melt parafin wax in the shaft section the handles turn on and the end grain areas of the handles and barrel.

. . . Larry Hancock



Other free downloads for turned items by Larry.

gavel_turning_pdf                      bowl_pdf



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