Super Link to Know About

I was watching a news story the other night which showed the presenter burying his desktop PC and Keyboard into the ground, as they are claiming that we are headed for a huge change in the way that we actually do our Internet. Well I guess we have been doing it different for a while now as the Android, Cells and the latest technology is hitting us left and right.

It does make it a bit confusing and mind boggling to say the least, but personally, I will continue to keep my dingers pressed to the keyboard of a laptop for as long as possible. I am kinda afraid of those touch screens at times, because I am afraid that I may end up punching too hard and ruin the whole thing, and then where would I be. Without, that’s where, so I will continue to be upbeat, but still semi-old fashioned in my toys.

This website listed below has a lot of interesting things you may like. I am a member and I love just looking around and seeing all the things that is put up for those who want to get them, or some are free for the members. I have downloaded a few things for myself. When and if I do get an Android, you can bet your bottom dollar I will have all the things that are offered here.

If I have intriqued you enough, please go have a look, you just might be extremely interested and make some great new friends along the way too. Please be sure to tell them you were referred by murphypagan.



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