My Pants

I told you yesterday that I was working on sewing some drawstring pants for myself that were comfortable, well I made the 2 yesterday (Saturday) and today I made another, my third pair. The fourth pair will have to wait, because I have such a backache today.

I had to improvise on these as well, because, stupid me, did not look before cutting. I laid my pattern out on the fabric and cut it, went to sew it and guess what, ! I had one set of Ostrich going up the leg and the other side was upside down. Dumb thing to do, so I had to recut one side and just barely had enough fabric to do so. Man, can I be so stupid sometimes..  🙄   Not paying attention to what the pattern does!!

As you can see they are all going in the right direction on the final product tho, so it all worked out. 🙂

My next pair is going to be the same thoughts, as I need to make sure the design is flowing correctly, that is another reason I will wait before making the 4th pair.

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