What I did Today – Sunday

Well, first it was still rainning and chilly when I got out of bed, made me want to go back to bed and sleep, but I thought better, so my daughter phoned me first thing, so we chatted for a little over an hour.

Then we had guest comming, so I jumped straight away and got the house cleaned, dusted and made two cinnamon breads so the house would have that great smell.

After our guest left, hubby goes off to the market and since the weather was so bad, I did not want to have to leave Katie, the dog outside, so I decided to stay home. It is starting to clear up now 🙂

This is when I got the feather up my behind 💡  and decided to sew the ostrich pants. Now I plan to try and watch some of the Super Bowl and enjoy the rest of today with my husband.

Tonight’s dinner will be a whole roasted chicken, with baked potato and some kind of green vegetable, not quite sure what yet, but today hubby is doing it all, so I guess I will know when it comes to eating time.

Have a great Sunday and what is left of the weekend. Chat later.

Hugs all around.

PS: GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the Brady bunch!!!!!!!!!!!!

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