Monday Feb 6 – Sewing


Today the rain has subsided, with scattered clouds and Mr. Sunshine peaking through. This morning started out really great so far. I continued on my quest of comfortable pants, so this morning I have made a pair of pink snake skin look cloth pants. These were so much fun because I thought I was not going to have enough fabric, but it worked out fantastically.

At this point I now have 4 pairs of handmade comfy pants. Perhaps that is enough for now, but I do have one more fabric I want to use, but it is going to take some thinking as I have to cut one side then the other, otherwise one side will be heading in the wrong direction. I shall give it a rest for now tho, because when I do too much at a time, my back plays havoc on me later. Besides I do have other things to get done.

The one thing that bothers me about draw-string pants is that make a person look so much more well endowed than you really are, but I reckon that is what makes them so comfy!!


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