What I Saw Today

Wow, I have only seen this twice in my life and it was awsome both times. The first time I saw one was in Colorado probably sometime in the 90’s.

Today I was doing laundry and went to hang a basket full on the outside line to dry. When I looked up at the line, an awesome sight caught my eye. It was a complete circle rainbow.

I immediately called my husband to grab a pair of sunglasses and to come and look. I was not aware that it was a common occurance, but Mike said, oh, I have seen them many times.  Well, perhaps I have lived a very sheltered life because I have only seen two in my  60 years.

The sun was right in the middle otherwise, I would have tried to take a photograph, but it was impossible, so I can only remember what I saw with my own eyes. It was spectaculiar, or at least to me it was.

I was able to find a picture on the Internet so you could see what it looked like, just in case you have never seen one.

This is what it did look like, only nicer with the actual eyes.

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