Witch Living in a Witches House

Dining Room Table Witch

I have always been one to be open and honest about who I am and that includes decorating my home as well. My door is always open to anyone as I never meet a stranger. I do not ever push my beliefs on anyone, but they will always know where I stand in my beliefs.

I LOVE to have the things around me that I love and trust, that includes Witches. I have several throughout my home, including a witches broom over each doorway.

Lounge Witches

To top everything off, and confirm this is a true Witches Home, last night my husband and I were watching TV, when all of a sudden we saw two bats come flying around our heads and circle around the lounge area where we were. We always see them outside, but rarely do they come into the house, but last night not one but two. It looked as if they were trying to actually mate, it was a site to see. Too bad we did not have a video camera, as I would have captured it.

Taken From Afar

After a while, they settled down and one of them landed on the wall above the curtain in the lounge. As you can see from the picture here I tried to capture a still pic with my little digital camera, but I was too far away, so I grabbed the ladder from the hallway and climbed up to try and get a closer one.

Over Office Door Entrance

It was so adorable, to see it’s tiny little ears move during this whole process. I got the best shots I could, so please forgive me that they are so tiny. This was about 10 – 10:30 PM at night so I was not really thinking as clear as maybe I should have been. They actually flew around the room and the home for about 15 – 20 minutes, so we had quite a bit of time with them.

Closer View

My husband tried a couple of times to catch them, in his gloved hand, but they slipped away, so we thought it best to just let them be.

Welcome Witch on Front Door

So you see, I really am a Witch and live in a Witches Home!


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