Learning Curve

This week has been a learning curve for me. I have always been one who wanted to do things simple and not have to mess with complications, well, I still do, but this week has taught me that we cannot always have things as simple as we want without learning new things.

We have been developing a website for a client, which we thought was going to be rather simple, but after getting the basics in place, we, or should I say, I had to learn some new things. I am glad for the opportunity as it has shown me the more details one has about the way to do things the better.

♥ Hubby ♥ knew how to do certain things that I tried, but it didn’t work, so he went in and corrected my errors.  🙂  I must say this experience has given me a whole new insight into the web development process.

Yesterday I got so frustrated with what I was trying to do, that I finally had to walk away from it and start afresh today. Now it is all falling into place rather nicely. So excited. Clapping Smiley

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