A Website to Remember

It isn’t often that I locate a website that I am willing to write a dedicated article to, but in my research yesterday I came across one that has me absolutely fascinated beyond belief.

The website has so much to offer, all of which are free. It is well presented, easily navigated, pleasant to the eyes and will keep you around for a while. Just exploring all that it has to offer.

I will warn you, tho, have plenty of room on your hard drive, plenty of CD’s or DVD’s to burn or perhaps use a cloud storage space like dropbox.com (http://db.tt/MSV7cXrB), because you will want to savor every bit of information they offer.

This is mainly a cookbook/recipe website, but in looking around they also offer free software that you will find very practicle either with recipe collection and data or personal universal conversion and what about a fitness aparatus. They have cooking videos,  ethnic recipes and a whole heap more. I seriously cannot say enough about this website. That is very unusual for me to be able to say that. I can say nothing bad about this website and I feel that you must take some time and check it out for yourself.

If you love cooking and are looking for some great recipes, e-books, software, videos and an all around resource, then I must encourage you to visit this site.


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