Metaphysics Defined

When we hear the word Metaphysics, what comes to mind? Often times the word is associated with Neo-Pagan cultures or those who follow the Wiccan paths, but in reality it is simply another way of investigating yourself as a person that occupies space in this Universe.Metaphysics and Metaphysical supplies are for all beliefs and spirituality.

It is a way of seeking out what goes on around us and why. The dictionary defines Meta as, “indicating change, transcending or going beyond”. It describes Physical as, “all or relating to the body, as distinguished from the mind or spirit, of or relating to or resembling material things or nature, the physical universe”. Sounds complicated, which can be, but can also be very easy.

When you put the two words together Metaphysics, you are learning and working with the things that go on around you in this physical world; things that do affect your inner soul and your physical body

If we learn about our physical bodies, we will be able to gain an insight into the physical world around us. Yet going beyond the physical world and the physical body, we must see what makes us and the universal around us tick.

  • How do we exist
  • How does what we do affect our inner souls and our bodies
  • The Universe, and how can we make it all connect for a healthier lifestyle and maintain a healthy body and mind?

Without getting too deep into physics, psychology and theory, the simple answer is live life to the fullest in a healthy and realistic way, be ever mindful of what your body is telling you when you feel depressed, run-down or sluggish. There are a lot of things that we can change in our world today, but in return there are so many things that we have absolutely no control over, it is going to take place with or without our approval.

Metaphysicians have taken the time to study and have taken into consideration the things that we, as physical human beings, can do in order to colaborate with the forces of nature in a positive and uplifting manner.

My personal final thought is: Be all you can be, stay positive and be the type of person that everyone sees as an influence and  as a person who takes their responsibilities to Mother Nature and to oneself very seriously. Treat your inner soul and your outter body with respect. Remember it is not always about what you say or do, but the way you say and do it.
©MurphyPagan 2012

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