No Power – No TV – What To Do

When the power goes out, one cannot cook, unless if you are like us, we have a gas back-up, but you cannot be on the Internet, cannot watch your usual shows on TV, cannot listen to your favorite music on the radio or stereo, unless you have a battery powered radio, which we do. Without lights you cannot read, because it puts too much strain on your eyes trying to use a flashlight or the kerosene lantern, so what to do!! Well I can think of something, but, will not write about it here..hehe!!  🙂   🙂

On top of all that, we also have no telephone, as they went out today as well. I guess this is what life is like living in the countryside.

So to entertain myself during this time, I simply got out my beads and did some playing around. I have a magnifier with a light on it, powered by a battery naturally, so I was in for some fun.

The end result is this bracelet, which I call my light of the dark. I have had these beads for a while and wanted to make something with them, just was not sure what, so last night it came to me in the darkness. Since I am a LEO, I had to add my LEO charm.

My Light of the Dark


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