What is Happening to Our Country?

I am a true red blooded American who loves the country and our freedom. It is so hard for me to imagine life without it and these new changes are beginning to really make me wonder about the integrity and professionalism of our leaders. I usually stay away from discussions regarding politics, but after reading the very informative news on usopenborders.com I have to throw my concerns into the ring.

Now I am open as the next person when it comes to the treatment of others, but there is a limit to what one should do. Many of our own citizens are acused and convicted each day for crimes of which some are not guilty, but there is not enough evidence to prove otherwise, so they are convicted and sentenced. They are NOT given special treatment, but literally thrown in the confined communities with very dangerous inmates. We as taxpayers are the ones footing the bills for these criminals or perhaps not guilty criminals, but the fact remains, we are the ones paying the actual bills for them.

When I read articles such as the one I have included below, it really boils my blood and cannot for the life of me see the rational thinking behind it.  Why should Illegal Immigrants get better and more humane treatment than anyone else incarcerated for their crimes. After you read the news story below, perhaps you will wonder too.

I have a lot of personal private opinions about this subject which will remain just that personal and private. I just ask you again, What is Happening to Our Country?

U.S. Detention Manual “Hospitality

Guideline For Illegal Immigrants”

March 3rd 2012

In a never-ending mission to accommodate illegal immigrants, the U.S. government has issued new federal detention standards offering arrestees a number of outrageous perks, including female hormone treatments for transgender men, abortions for women and “ethnically diverse” diet options.

It’s all part of the Obama Administration’s commitment to reform the immigration detention system so that its more humane, according to the Homeland Security agency—Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)—responsible for the revamping. The “revised standards” will also improve medical and mental health services, increase access to legal services and religious opportunities, improve the process for reporting and responding to complaints and offer detainees with limited English proficiency translators.

Illegal immigrants will also receive generous and ethnically diverse options for a “nutritionally balanced diet,” an increase in visitation and better recreation programs and facilities. For instance, undocumented aliens in U.S. custody will now have access to a variety of exercise equipment, mandatory outdoor time in natural light and recreational options such as soccer, volleyball and basketball. Board games and television will be available as “sedentary activities.”

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Texas Congressman Lamar Smith, says the new ICE detention manual sounds like a “hospitality guideline for illegal immigrants.” In a written statement posted on the committee’s website, Smith points out that the revised standards dramatically expand privileges and resources to illegal immigrants in federal custody “far and beyond” what’s required by law.

“The administration goes beyond common sense to accommodate illegal immigrants and treats them better than citizens in federal custody,” Congressman Smith said. “The new detention manual contains extensive and customized details for each illegal immigrant’s stay, regulating everything from the salad bar to recreational activities to medical care.”

He further points out that illegal immigration already costs American taxpayers billions of dollars each year and this new detention system will only add to the tab. “The Obama administration consistently puts illegal immigrants ahead of the interests of American citizens and taxpayers,” Smith added.

Source of news story has been included in my writing above, so if you would like to visit the website and make your own voices heard, you will have to I believe sign up for an account and sign in. I just feel this bit of information was worthy of including on my own blog. This is very bad of the administration to make this kind of move.


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