My Dragon Garden

I have a special place in my garden and it is called my dragon garden. The reason why is because that is what I call it.  🙂  It has an old felled tree and it looked somewhat like a dragon to me and I started moving in some indiginous plants, what others call weeds over here and I have such beauty surronding the dragon.

A lot of different aloe plants are natural to this area, so I transplanted some around the dragon, made a fairy chair and transplatted other beautiful flowering weeds and it is so peaceful to go and just have a walk in my garden.

We also have what is called Cycads, which are a type of evergreen in our front yard. It has really grown since we have been here. It usually has only one cone about every 2 years, but this year we have twin conesm wow. Never seen that one before, but here it is. When the cones start to disenergrate, it puts out new branches, so it looks like we might just have double this year. Maybe it’s a Leap Year thing..   🙂

Enjoy the pictures.




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