One Solution For Unemployment in US

American Gas Station of Long Ago.

I know not everyone is going to agree with what I am about to write, and you know what, that is OK, because this is my own personal opinion, and my own personal Blog.

With the state of the economy, there are so many young and older people alike out of work and unable to put a decent amount of food on the table for their families, pay the piles of bills and keep up the mortgage on a decent home. I feel that one of the ways to ease the burdens are to go back to the old days.

When I was a child, 60 years ago, I can remember us pulling up to a gas pump and not having to get out of the car, unless we were getting a snack or making a potty run. There was an attendant who took care of the car, filling the tank with your requested amount, cleaning the windshield, checking the tires, checking the battery and all things under the hood. These full service stations were great, because people were able to make a small living and if something was wrong with your car, you could have a mechanic on hand to give it a quick fix, if it was not something really serious. The one thing that really sticks out in my mind too, is that they had these little long rubber, usually red, hoses that when you pulled in would go ding, ding. Then the attendant would come out wiping his hands in usually a red cloth, because he had been busy working on a car inside the garage area of the station. My daughter reminded me, that when she was little, the attendant always came out with a sucker or a small little treat for any kids in the car. Man, I wish we could all go back to these days again and give more people jobs and see more customer service stations. These days they are all about the all mighty buck.

This all changed, stations all went self-service and or automated, this caused some to shut down because the expense of conversion was greater than the worth. It also put a lot of people out of work. I agree that it was not the nicest job in the world, but it was a job and so many people were grateful to have it.

It seems since these self service stations came into effect, that we have lost a bit of history and pride and it also seems that the gas has not gotten cheaper, as it was claimed that having an attendant was too costly. I personally do not understand the reasoning behind getting rid of employment to make things self service. I say bring back the gas station attendant and provide jobs for the ones who will work there.

US Gas Stations of Today.

I agree too, that not many would be or are willing to work in a smelly gas station, but things change, times change and sometimes change is good and sometimes not so good. I feel there are some people who would be thankful to have a job, even if it is in a smelly gas station. At least they are able to get off the unemployment lines and make it on their own, and can say Yes I do Work, or yes I do have a job, this gives me a reason to get up in the morning.

A lot of times the gas station attendant was the one who could put a smile on your face, because before washing the windows, they would draw a funny face in the dirt and then wash it away. It’s the little things that make people smile and it can make a huge difference in someone elses day.

One response to “One Solution For Unemployment in US

  1. Well put, and well said! I firmly agree with you on all counts! The men at the neighborhood gas station were our best resource to keep our “first” car safe and on the road. I remember the ’67 Pontiac. That sucker was a beast, but, the guys at the Freeland Marathon kept her on the road! They could always tell when my sister had been drag racing with it… she won, but, the ol’ Pontiac always suffered from the abuse! LOL! That was when life was uncomplicated (simple), and we were free to make choices without oppression, tyranny, and persecution for everything we said, did, and consumed. The biggest difference was that we took responsibility for everything that we said and did… and accepted the consequences as a part of our wrong choices. Yes, I firmly agree with you.

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