Why Must We Always Put The Wrong Message Out

I happen to be on my soapbox again, but I would just like to get this out into the open and voice my opinion.

It seems like I am always reverting to the past lately, but things that are supposed to be progress do not seem to be working for the betterment of the general population. These days, it’s all about lining the pockets of the wealthy and well situated, leaving out the working class and the ones who need to work.

I always hear about immigrants taking our jobs away and why do we have to let them in and why do we do this or that, why can’t America take care of their own. Well, we ourselves are to blame for a lot of this and here is one reason why, now this is my own feelings and you most certainly do not have to agree with me.

I do NOT believe that we should open our borders to every Tom, Dick and Harry, just because they want to escape their countries and tragedies, but I do feel that if someone is willing to work at a, for lack of a better word, shit job for very little money, which to them is a fortune, then I say we should have a system in place to deal with those legally. How many US citizens do you personally know that is willing to work on a farm picking fruit 18-20 hrs a day 6-7 days a week and make less than the average minimum wage, or being a farm hand to deal with the nastiest jobs around?

Many of us today feel that we are too good to do those types of jobs because we have degrees, an education and want to be paid for our time, we feel that we just do not want to do hard labor, but yet we bitch, moan and complain that immigrants are coming over here and taking jobs away from us. We do not stop to think that those same jobs are the ones that some people would not be caught doing, because they feel it is beneath them. They had rather sit on their behinds, watch TV, play video games and draw unemployment than to get their hands dirty and make a decent living doing whatever the job might be.

I agree that the illegal immigrants from wherever, must be deported and gain entry legally. Our country is really lax on the way that we treat these cases and this is a change that needs to be looked into.

As I have said in a previous post, change can be good or it can be bad, it is NOT always for the betterment of all. When we vote our politians into office, it is our duty to see that they do the things they promised. I think this is another subject for another time.

I simply feel that we as American’s look at things differently and leap on a band wagon before we should. I am proud to be American and live in a FREE society where I have these choices and can write this Blog, but there are so many that can’t do that and we must keep our senses about us when it comes to getting jobs and putting food on the tables and taking care of our families, too many people are losing their homes, cars, friends and families because of letting their pride stand in the way of reasoning.


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