Crafts to Do to Pass the Time

I wanted to share with you today something that I made. I used to do woodworking, building all kinds of home decor and furniture. I ade a lot of picture frames. In order for me to be able to bring them into the US, they have to be painted or treated in some way, so I really do not like the idea of having to cover the beauty of wood with paint, but one must do what one must do.

Covered With a Napkin!

Instead of paint, I have used a napkin and decoupaged it. I think it came out pretty darn nice. I have more to do, but I just might have to add paint to it instead and do the decoupage once I have gotten settled. There are very few nice napkins over here and besides I might want to do a different color scheme on them.

I am really excited and pleased at the way it came out. I may also take some of these frames and turn them into a shadow box. I will wait until the movers have packed and shipped and we have received our stuff in the states before adding glass, as this will prevent unnecessary expense due to breakage.

Same Frame..This was so much fun!!

This is one craft that is a whole lot of fun and it goes rather quickly as well. You can make something during the day or one day and give it as a gift or use it the very same or next day.

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