Just My Mind Wandering

Because of my situation of needing assistance with an airline ticket, got my mind wandering. I see there are all kinds of sites throughout the Internet that say, and the operative word here is SAY, they will help different situations if they feel it is worthy. My question is, how can they actually feel that if it is worthy?

There are so many unscrupulous people lurking the Internet, it makes me wonder how they go about verifying that the story that is being written is true and legitimate. So many charities are also frauds, it makes one think about being able to help anyone through the Internet, or not through the Internet for that matter.

I am the type of person who will be very cautious and usually will be able to spot a scam or fraud rather quickly, but there are so many who are not that fortunate. I know that what I am asking is legitimate and sincere. I have opened my heart and asked ONLY for what I truly NEED and not for what I want. There is a difference. If I were to put all my Wants into a request, I would be labeled an idiot or a beggar and rightfully so. When you ask for only what is Needed, then it makes it known that your Need is real. Again, caution is required, because there are people who are con artist and scam artist in this world who will play on others good nature and take advantage of those who are willing to assist.

I personally investigate their asking needs, before making a commitment, therefore seeing the real need or if it is actually just a want and scam or con. I cannot stand those people who put up such a sob story that makes your heart simply cry and break only to find out that it was all a con.

As long as there are people on this earth there are going to be scams and cons, and we as a society simply have to learn the difference, which takes a lot of patience and care.

With all this been said, I still NEED assistance with an airline ticket from Port Elizabeth South Africa to Alexandria, Louisiana as per my previous post murphypagan.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/taking-me-out-of-my-comfort-zone



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