South African Birdlife

This morning while sitting at my computer and checking e-mail I looked out the window beside my desk and I saw something sitting, well actually clinging to the front fence. I was not wearing my long distance glasses, but was wearing my computer glasses and I could not see what it was exactly. I asked my husband what kind of bird it was, as it looked as if it had a red head and grey body.

Upon closer look, it was a mouse bird, but the red head ended up being a wild plum from our plum tree beside the gate. These birds are common and I do see them often, but never as close up as they were this morning.

I got out the binoculars in order to see it close up and by this time there were 3 of them. Oh what a site to see on a beautiful Sunday morning.

As you can well imagine, with all the fruit trees we have, guava, wild plum, banana and natjee (tangerines) we get to see them quite often, but like I said, not nearly as close as these were this morning.

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