A Site To See

We have had these little swallows that built their home onto our home, which I have already written about earlier in this blog. Yesterday it was an awesome site to watch.

The mom and dad was out with the young ones teching them how to fly and land onto the swing that we have put up for all birds. They had 3 babies, so it was something to watch as the 5 of them flew around and landed.

They would only stay still a certain amount of time and then they were off again. At one point all 5 were sitting on the swing, which is simply a piece of heavy duty rubber coated wire that we have attached to the house and made their swing.

So far this morning, we have not heard nor seen them, so I am guessing they have moved onward because of the time of year. As I will be leaving here soon, that means they have actually said their goodbyes to me. I am quite sure the same two adults will be back next year to start the production process all over.

It is great that I have gotten to experience some of natures wonders in person and gotten to see them with my own eyes. These are some of the things that I shall miss, but I am sure there will be others to enjoy as well.

I just LOVE nature and all she offers.

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