Addo Elephant Park Adventure

This is one of those adventures that I shall remember for the rest of my life on this earth and probably beyond. It was thrilling.

I was the presiding Chairperson for the local ladies club, and we decided to take a day trip to Addo Elephant Park, which is only about an hour away from our residence in the Eastern Cape. There were several of us along with our spouses and many of us carpooled together. Well, I have to tell you, I was like a kid in a candy store.

Being from America, the only way I had ever seen such animals were in zoos or side circuses. It was such a thrill to be able to view them in their natural habitat and be so close to them that if I could have done so, I could have actually reached out and touched them with my bare hands. This is NOT allowed, so I did the next best thing, simply took the video.

They now tell me that I broke the rules, because I sat on the window with my head out in the open and it was awesome. Not only did we get to see the elephants, but zebras, bucks, warthogs, birds and oh so much more. It was a chance of a lifetime for me and one that I shall always remember.

The one thing that awed me the most was on the side of the road, stood a female zebra, off in the distance were two male zebras. One started walking towards the female and out of the blue the second male started coming toward us and the female. Needless to say the first male diverted his course and the second male came right up to the female. Now this was the best part, he was actually moving his mouth like he was talking to the female, you could see his lips actually moving. I did capture it on Video, but not in the stills, naturally. To this day, I am overjoyed to have been able to witness such a beautiful site.

That was my first and last experience at the park as we have our property on the market for sale and I will be moving back to the USA, but nothing can ever make these memories and special moments disappear. Here is the website to view our farm for sale


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