What on Earth is Google Doing Now

When we all started developing websites that were to be found by the popular serch engines, like Google, Bing, AOL etc. we were told that we needed to make sure they were SEO compliant or Search Engine Optimized. We all started making sure there were sufficient keywords, so that when those keywords were searched, our sites would be among those found.

Google changed their algorithm at the beginning last year and that made a lot of websites ratings changing. Now, they are going to start penalizing websites that are SEO’d. Please review the video at the link below to get a better picture of what is going on.

I believe there are going to be a lot of webmasters, developers and maintenance personnel who are going to be completely confused as to what to do about getting a website to show up in the search engines. It seems as if they are going to be consentrating more on the content of a website rather than hitting on keywords.  What is this going to do to all of us?





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