Four Generations

I am one who is very much family oriented. I love being around my family, even though right now I am as far away from them as possible, only because I am living in South Africa. I am trying to get home, but money is so darn tight, I cannot make it even squeek at this point.

I have asked for assistance, but so far have had no luck. I do keep hoping that someone will see the need in their heart to help, but until then, I shall continue to push onward the best I can.

I lost my mother June 2010, I was unable to attend her funeral and I feel like such a bad daughter. I love remembering the good times and I know my mother watches over me. She is my guardian angel now and suffers no more. I will see her again and we will be together when the time comes, but that does not stop the hurting.

Four Generations of us Girls.

In honor of her I have put together a photo of the four generations. In the picture is my mother, me, my daughter and my granddaughter. This I will always cherish and when I am able to get home, I plan to get in touch with some family members whom, I hope will have at least one photo of my grandmother, my mother’s mother. Then I shall redo and remake one super special photo of 5 generations. This will be an awesome picture to have.


I am sure you can tell who is who above, but just in case, here is one that is labeled.

Four Generations Explained


2 responses to “Four Generations

  1. A beautiful picture, and what a wonderful way to bring the generations together in spirit. So sorry you weren’t able to make it home for your mother’s funeral.Hope you find a way to get home soon.

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