How A Political Prankster Made A Jackass Out Of Richard Nixon Using Fortune Cookies

This is a really cool story. It came to me through a newsletter I get and the actual source will be posted at the end of the article. This is just too funny!!


During Richard Nixon's campaign against John Kennedy, a
Democrat with a fun sense of humor had an unusual
dislike for Richard Nixon.

His name was Dick Tux and here's his story.

Even though he wasn't a Republican, he joined the
Republican Party where he staged four or five famous
pranks on Nixon during his political campaign.

One of the best pranks that he pulled on Nixon was
during his campaign against John Kennedy.

Dick Tux managed to have special fortune cookies made
for his big fundraising dinner. At the end of the meal
when everyone opened up their fortune cookies the
fortune read -- "Kennedy Will Win!"

Nixon was furious obviously, and Kennedy did win. Just
goes to show you the power of a fortune cookie.

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