Couponing Is A Sport

Cascade Coupons for BIGGER Savings

As a person who loves saving money whenever possible I LOVE Cascading Coupons. However, in South Africa there is no such thing really. When you do luck up and get a coupon on products or a complimentary coupon for products, the cashiers for the most part have no idea what to do with them or how to handle them. They soon learn however, but extreme couponing or cascading coupons will never be a product of this country, which is really a shame.

Managers simply do not realize that they are not going to lose anything by accepting coupons. The manufacturer coupons are very scarse over here. But once back in the US, well I shall be able to cascade coupons and save money. It is like playing a sport as it takes true dedication and total concentration to make sure you are doing it right.

So if you coupon, extreme coupon, stack coupons don’t forget to cascade them too as this is where the savings really add up. If you will visit this website, then you can learn all about cascading.

It Really is a Sport

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