Leaving South Africa

This has been a long time coming, but the time is arriving rather quickly now. I have been in South Africa almost 11 years now and I am finally getting away and heading back to my homeland of the USA.

I have learned a great deal about the culture and lifestyle and a whole lot more about South Africa during my time over here. It is so exciting to know that I am getting to go home to my homeland. No matter what changes have taken place I am sure that I will be so happy to put my feet back on familiar ground. There is going to be a lot to see and try to remember how it used to be, but I am also looking forward to seeing all the changes, be it good, bad or indifferent. I am an American and will always be an American.

I LOVE the values we all have as citizens of this great country. Something that I might add is not always available in other parts f the world. We Americans are a lucky and blessed nation.

I will be getting on an airplane on the 24th of April which is only 14 days from now and I am already packed and ready to go. The only thing that is bothering me seriously is the fact that I have to leave my husband behind for now. We have not sold our property yet and that has to be done before he can come over. If you or anyone you know happens to want an 18.50 acre small farm in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, now is the time to buy it. We have dropped the price so low that it is almost a give-away.

You can visit our dedicated website martindalefarm.weebly.com for full details and photos. The sooner it sells, the sooner we can be a family again.

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