This is something that I received through my e-mail from a very dear friend and I felt that it should be shared here, so that others may have the opportunity to read and possibly visit her website. I have posted her information on the bottom of this post. I encourage each one who reads this to visit and enjoy.


1.    The Law of Manifestation: Positive attracts positive – Negative attracts negative.

2.    The Law of Reflection: As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.

3.    The Law of Karma: Cause and Effect. For every action there is a re-action. Resolve disharmony and restore balance.

4.    The Law of Unity: Trust, Respect and Communication. Everything through time and space is linked, either directly or indirectly to everything else.

5.    The Law of Pragmatism: If it works, it is true. A world view is only valid if it enables its perceiver to accomplish their goals.

6.    The Law of Values: Truth, Honesty, and Integrity.

7.    The Law of Accountability: Taking responsibility for your words and actions on a conscious and subconscious level.

8.    The Law of Help: To give is an act of Spiritual Divinity. He who saves one man saves the whole world.

9.    The Law of Speech: The Divine Vibration – Invocation of Energy; Strength, Protection, Guidance and Grace.

10.  The Law of Symbols: Understanding everything in your life and in this world as a symbol of Universal Principles; Fractal Geometry.

11.  The Law of Thought: How to Create Realities; Pure of Thought and Clear of Mind.

12.  The Law of Love: Agape Love – God’s love is Universal, Unconditional, Giving and Kind. There are no exceptions or guarantees; It is the glue that binds for eternity.

Shelly Seitz
Sagittarian Sun, Inc.


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Cosmic Chronicle – April 2012

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