Wal-Mart now in South Africa

Game with Wal-Mart Smiley LOGO

When I first came here almost 11 years ago, I never thought I would miss the words Wal-Mart. For years now, I have not been able to simply go into one of my favorite hang-outs, I know kinda lame, but hey Wal-Mart is a good place, or it used to be anyway.


Many items today that are found in the Wal-Mart stores nationwide are produced and imported in and from China. Something that would never have happened as long as Sam Walton was alive and kicking. He was always proud to say that everything in his stores were made in the U.S.A.

Well this all came to an end on the April5, 1992 when the founder of Wal-Mart passed away to the other side. Thse days now, when you walk into a Wal-Mart store it is extremely rare to find a label proudly made in the USA. Like most mass markets, Wal-Mart has succomed to the Chinese market.

Wal-Mart Smiley

Will we start to see the famous Wal-Mart sign in South Africa? Who knows. They have purchased 51% of the the South African retailer Massmart in May 2011, which includes: Game, Makro, Bulders Warehouse, Builders Express, Builders Trade Depot, Dion Wired, Jumbo, Shield and Cambridge Food.

If you are interested in reading the full stories on this take over/investment, please click the links below to go directly to the sources.





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