Best Friends Say Goodbye

Last night, Friday the 20th of April was a great night. A couple, whom I feel are our closest friends along with being our neighbor came to our home last night for a farewell dinner.

My husband made his world famous Chicken Curry with rice and curried potatoes and for dessert, I made a Blueberry cheesecake pudding. What a fun and enjoyable night it was.

We all had wine and drinks and spent the night chatting away about the good, the bad, the ugly and the future. It was an awesome time and one that I personally will remember always.

Anne brought a little gift for me as a going away present, which was a wonderful smelling bottle of body lotion and to my surprise an awesome African necklace. When I first opened the gift, I thought it was only the lotion. After dinner and good times, when they left, I was cleaning up and to my surprise discovered the necklace wrapped in white tissue paper inside the outer wrapping of the lotion. Well, you can just imagine my surprise when I found this. I immediately phoned her on the telephone to say thank you and to say how sorry I was not to have discovered it before.

This couple adopted and looked after me when we first moved down here to the Eastern Cape and now the role they are to play is to look after my husband in my absence. They have offered this as a total friendship and have lifted some of the burdens of the small tiny details that frustrates one when making such a hugh move in locations.

We know this for sure, they will be there for us whenever and for whatever reason we might need, this is what I call TRUE FRIENDSHIP.

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