I Have Arrived

I have finally arrived in the USA. I had a long trip, but it was a safe one and I am really excited to be home and back on US soil.

So far I am enjoying my daughter and my grand children, and I have to say the warm weather as well, because it was beginning to get cold in South Africa, so I am so happy to be here.

The one thing I find ironic is that when I left the USA to go to South Africa, I had two summers because it was beginning to get cold when I left and it was warm in South Africa, now the tables are turned and I am having two summers this year in America coming from South Africa.

The one regret is that this is a bittersweet victory, because I have had to leave my husband, Mike and dog, Katie behind for now. We still have not sold the farm, but things are looking up.  We do speak everyday and now finally we will be able to make contact with one another through the computer. I cannot stand being disconnected and because my daughter and I finally figured out how to get my wi-fi working on my laptop, I am connected electronically.

I will not feel totally back together until I have my husband and my dog back in my arms, which we have buried a Saint Joseph in the ground with the hopes of getting his help to get the farm sold sooner rather than later.

Mike, you are my solid rock, I miss you and love you very much.


4 responses to “I Have Arrived

  1. Hey Princess,
    I’ve been spoilt for 2 days with house guests, as you know. In a couple of hours I’ll be by myself again. I miss you. I love you. Can’t wait to be with you again. Don’t care who reads this – I want the world to know my feelings. Chat to you later…..

    • Sorry for not replying upon approval, but as you can imagine things were a little excited. Had some time to settle down a bit, BUT I miss you like crazy and sometimes I just feel like crying. I do not like being apart from you.

      I could care less what others may or may not think about this too as I am very proud to have you as my husband, life partner and complete soulmate. You are what makes my life complete and whole.

      Thanks for always being there for me in whatever pipe dream I may conjure up. You are and always will be my Prince Cuddles.

  2. Hi Sweetheart! I’m an old lady in Texas. But I would really like to know more about your farm, can you please direct me to a prior post where you show pics or talk about it? Thanks, Cissy

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