Working and Reading a Crystal Ball

I have just begun to really get into my crystal ball. My daughter bought one for me and it has been cleansed and everything else. Tonight I did my first session with it and I will explain what happened below:

After my meditation session, I lit a white candle and reflected into the ball. In the ball itself, I saw 3 figures, not really any special type of shape, but there were clearly 3 seperate shapes. They were all sort of white smokey and they danced around, all around the outside they all had this tiny red fine outline and in the middle they were green, they went to blue-green then a distinct green.

After several minutes there were 4 of them, still in the same colors as above and at the end of my session one of them turned into a perfect star, keeping the same colors.

I would really like some direction and assistance on this to be able to understand what I saw.

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