How Does One Really Survive

I have been back now for 21 Days and I have to keep asking myself “How do I survive without my Lover, Husband and my soulmate by my side each day and night?” The answer is simply keep him close in my heart, speak to him everyday and look at his picture each and every night before going to sleep.

I am one who looked all her life for someone to appreciate her for who she is and it took me 50 years to do so. Each chapter of my life has a beginning and an end, not what I would have liked it to have been perhaps, but in the end I am so thankful it has turned out like it has. The problem now is I have such a wonderful man in my life that I cannot bear to be apart. It breaks my heart and tugs at my soul strings so deep that I can hardly control myself.

Every woman, or I believe at least most women search their entire lives for a man who will treat them with respect, cherrish their time together, love them unconditionally and expect nothing but the same in return and never quite find those qualities in one person, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt I have such a man who is my husband.

I truly cannot thank the universe enough for sending us to one another and I really miss him right now more than anything. I have never had this type of relationship with anyone and I LOVE this feeling, I just do NOT like being without his touch, his kindness, his voice, and his presence at this moment.

This is how I survive, just knowing that we will not be apart much longer as I am very optomistic that he will sell our property and be in my arms again real soon.

One response to “How Does One Really Survive

  1. I, too, found my good man, now my husband, later in life. And I think because I know this kind of relationship is more valuable, I was often afraid of losing it in the early days. A phone call from a police officer late one night after my husband had left for work on the night shift almost caused heart failure.

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