Having Thoughts

I am very proud to be home, USA, but for a little while I thought I was somewhere else. I had no idea the banks were as bad as some of them are, wow.

I opened an account many years ago with Wachovia, which was at the time a great bank, well I guess the hardships hit them too, because they have sold out to Wells Fargo. This was a huge mistake as far as I am concerned, and I do not mean any harm to anyone and I mean no disrespect either, will simply tell the facts here as they have happened.

As I have been out of the country and had not used my account until recently, I am appalled at the bank charges at the ATM machines. A local bank charges for using the ATM, if it is NOT their card, this I understand, but the problem is, that Wells Fargo charges you also for using their card at another banks ATM, so you are getting double dipped on charges. Now if there is NO Wells Fargo located anywhere near you, then what are you supposed to do when you need cash?

I was able to get the charges reversed, after being a real witch about the whole ordeal and after over an hour dealing with four (4) different people. I also informed them I wanted to close the account and asked them to send me a Cashiers Check for the balance, well let me tell you, that too is a huge uproar. I have to write a letter and have it notarized in order to get the account closed and receive my own money. Talk about jumping through hoops, they really make you go through them. I will NEVER deal with Wells Fargo ever again.

Some of their customer service people are also very rude and should not be in the people business. I will never understand rude and disrespectful people.


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