Today’s Adventure

Today has been a very wonderful day. It began with us getting up feeding the grandchildren breakfast and doing a few things around the house and before we knew, it was almost 10!

We had made plans to go to a local Farmers Market for a morning of fun, so we loaded everyone up in the car and headed off. When we arrived, as we start to get out of the car, we hear a train whistle. My grandson LOVES trains, so we sat in the car and watched as the train passed right in front of us. It was so kool to be so close. Makes one want to be a hobo and just jump right on and be taken away to far away places.

After the train excitement, we get out of the car and head on over to the market where they had lots of kool things for kids to do. They played games and won some really kool prizes. We wanted to be able to do some of the crafts they had, but most of the kids were pushing and shoving, so since we decided that was a bad idea we just left that part alone.

I met a really nice Pagan family and was able to chat for a while. I am looking forward to being able to look over their website to get an idea of all the really nice things the family makes. There was one crystal that I fell in love with, but just did not have the funds for today.It kept calling me back to it, but when you do not have the funds, what can you do, just simply walk away, so that is what I had to do. If it is meant to be, when I have the money, it will still be there, if not, well it was not meant for me.

This has been a really nice and joyful day. Oh, my husband sent me about 5-6 text messages just to let me know he was thinking about me and loved me. I have to be the most blessed wife in this whole world.


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