Does This Sound Like Someone You Know?

We all face things in a different way and handle things in a different manner. So I am putting this up today because it is some of the things that I have observed, so does this sound like anybody that you personally know? No names will ever be mentioned and please do not ask me to divulge such information, I am simply stating some true and known facts.

The person I speak of today shows disrespect towards his entire family,is selfish, demanding and sneaky. His children should be learning by example, but instead are learning to be disrespectful, demanding and rude. For this I feel very sorry for them, because when this happens they get put on the wall and made to stand there facing the wall. How can you punish a child for doing what they have learned from you as a parent? This I just do not get.

The children have to be quiet all the time and are not allowed to make any noise in his presence. If they do, they are sent to the wall or told to go to their room and play or away from their family. This I do not get at all. Kids are to be kids no matter what. They grow up too fast as it is. So what if they make noise and bang things or play loudly, they are kids for goodness sake.

This person shows no emotional connection at all to his family other than negative. He has to be the center of attention at all times. He is engrossed and obsessed with Zombies, blood, guts and death. He spends many hours a day either on the TV or the computer playing these types of video games. He even has 5 gal buckets of food stored all over his home because he truly believes the end of the world is coming in December.

He spends very little time with his children but when he does, it quickly turns into negativity. He spends much of his time saying things to himself that are directed towards his wife, but does not say them directly to her. He usually sees something that needs to be done, but instead of actually doing it, barks orders for his wife to make sure she does it. Only after she has gotten things done will he ask if she needs any help.

A house is suppose to be a home, but in this case, the home is just a house. He wants no part of being a part of the whole family, just bits and pieces when he chooses and when it is convenient to him. Very rarely if at all will acknowledge when a good job has been done either by his wife or the children.

This person refuses to ever say I’m sorry to anyone in his family. A family should be built on a solid foundation, but this family’s foundation is about to crumble into a billion pieces, there is nothing solid about it.

A person should not have to find reasons to avoid a family member, because they are afraid of the outcome, but this happens a lot because they are afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. Most couples who have things in common, jump at the chance to share with one another, but that is not the case here in this story.

The husband does not allow the wife to have any privacy at all, she will go into the shower and lock the door, so that maybe the kids would happen to come in, they would be unable to get in, but the husband, slaps the key in the door and barges in asking why is the door locked. He has to know her every move almost, and telephone conversations, he is constantly asking who she is talking to. He will follow her around the house like a puppy trying to figure out who it is she is speaking to.

The only time he wants to share any responsibility with the family it is for punishment purposes. When I think of this family as a whole, I can only think of 4 horrible words and those are: GO TO THE WALL  and the first impression I get is UNHAPPINESS.

This story makes me think how lucky I am to be married to the man I am. He should be a teacher and role model for all husbands. The above is a true scenario and I cannot make things like this up even in my wildest imagination, so I ask you again, does this sound like somebody you know?



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