Just a Little News

witches and coffee

I wanted to do something a little different for this post, so I decided to create a little happiness for the day.  I love my coffee and first thing in the morning, I am always a little crabby, cranky or whatever you want to call it, until I get that much needed or should I say, it’s more like wanted sip of cuppa. Once I get started tho, especially on a really cold day, like it is today, I just want to really park my broom and relax with coffee in hand.

I do not like it super strong, in fact my daughter says it is not coffee at all, it is too weak and she calls it my brown water. Now when she makes it, OH BOY, it is strong enough to grow hair on your chest. Once in a while, if I stump my toe, she says oh yeah now that is coffee. Naturally when it is that strong, I only put a bit in my cuppa and add water to dilute, awwwwwwwwwww so perfect for me.

What is the perfect cuppa anyway. It is different for everybody, what is perfect to me is not to someone else and visa versa, so I am still looking to find what people always say, perfect.

Anyway enjoy your day and your cuppa your way!!


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