Initial Impression Book Review – The Gray Witch’s Grimoire

In an earlier post I told you that I was going to post a review on the above named subject book. Well, here goes, but keep in mind this is only a partial review, as I have only read Part 1 which is 96 pages of 175.

Now most of you would probably have finished it in one sitting, but I am (1) a slow reader, (2), I like to take my time and understand what I am reading and (3), I do not have a lot of time to read while working at a public job outside the home.

Needless to say tho, I love the book. The writer explains the difference very well in what the differences are on the various types of paths a witch follows. A lot of the information is what one would call “common knowledge for a witch”, yet it is put into terms and into simple language understanding that even a first time believer can understand. I have learned quite a bit as I have been given a different way of looking and understanding the things that I felt I already knew, being a witch from birth.

The author explains a lot of simple introductions, but yet goes into quiet a bit of detail and explains why she says things that she does. Now I have always considered myself a Witch who works only with the Light of things, however, after reading her writings, I kind of have to stop and rethink the things I do. I have always said that life, witchcraft and witches are like a battery, it takes both a positive and negative energy to operate, therefore after reading this book, 1/2 way so far, I am beginning to realize that my workings fall within the gray witch area. Granted I do NOT work or direct negative energies in a way to HARM anyone, including myself, but should the need arise, I believe that I could or would, if push came to shove.

I like the way that the writer, Amythyst Raine, explains the Metaphysical Laws of Witchcraft, being both short winded and making them short, sweet and to the point, but leaves enough room for one to make their own conclusion as to what they mean to an individual, but with these basics.

She provides guidelines in which to follow when working magic and pretty much living your daily lives as a witch, using the one thing that we have all come to depend upon and that is the moon phases.

The herbs, colors and various other tools we use in our lives and workings everyday, she explains in a way that a novice or a pro can understand and follow should we so choose.

The last 1/2 that I have covered so far is the Sabbats, or Pagan holidays and why they are celebrated in the manner in which we do. This is an area which I personally have gained quite a bit of knowledge and had a refresher course and for this I thank the writer and now I am looking forward to reading Part Two, and when I do, I will be sure to add my review here for all to read, or not, it’s up to you.

I have to say that this book will be one that will have a place of honor in my witch books. I will be utilizing most of the things that I have learned or renewed my awareness of in my workings and perhaps I will become a better witch in my own time. I would like to pass my knowledge on to my daughter and perhaps my grand-daughter when the time is right.

If anyone is interested in purchasing the book, I suggest that you visit the authors site  her book can be ordered from her website, or on E-Bay or any number of places. I recommend that if you are a novice or a Crone, this needs to be in your repertoire of books.

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