Auctions without Money

As usual in surfing the net a website has jumped out at me. I LOVE auction sites as much as the next person, but it gets really expensive if you are always finding things you like and spend, spend, spend without considering your budget for such things.

I happen to be very careful and not spend above my means, but yes sometimes it is very hard to NOT get something that you want, need or just because, so that is where this website comes into play.

You do not use money to make bids and get stuff, you bid with points and you earn points for different things. Some are just for watching videos, referring friends, or any number of other ways. It’s fun, exciting and you might even pick up a treasure or two that you want, need,  like or can possibly use.

So go check it out for yourself and use this link:  This is simply an awesome way to shop.

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