Looking for Guidance

Greetings my fellow followers and new comers. I have not posted anything in a short spell and the only reason I can speculate is pure laziness on my part. I have a varied work schedule and by living at my daughters home, well, I cannot always simply sit down and write a post all at once.

My dilemma is as follows, I am working at the present time in Louisiana, I need to get a place in NC, preferably in or near the beach areas, from Whiteville, NC – Wilmington, NC. I need to establish a residence there and find work. Now finding the job is pretty much the easy part for me, however, I do not own a car just yet, so getting a set of reliable wheels is on the forefront as well. I do not need anything fancy, but it needs to be economical, if there is such a thing, in good condition so that it does not take an arm and a leg for repairs, it has to be an automatic and it has to be extremely reliable, but I reckon most of all it needs to be affordable.

Taking into consideration that I need to actually drive from Louisiana to North Carolina, getting the car in LA will be the most sensible thing to do. One plan I have thought about is renting a car here and dropping it in NC, however to do that one must pay a HUGE deposit and drop fee, which for the most part is not worth it. I have accumulated several items since being back in the country, that I do need to move in a car, taking a Greyhound Bus is really not an option at this point in time.

If anyone reading this has any ideas as to how to handle the situation better than I have just layed it out, I will be very interested in hearing from you. Feel free to send a private email and I will respond accordingly. One scenario would be if I could find a home in the areas mentioned that would be willing to rent a bedroom, or a small portion of their home out for a reasonable cost each month until I can afford to have a place of my very own, that would be one way to connect. I am not too keen on invading the privacy of unknowns, but I feel at this point, I have no other options and must put my trust somewhere that I would normally not.

I am a very clean, tidy and organized person, so my space would not become a mess and most likely they would never know I was even there. I do not ask for much and I require very little on a day to day basis. I keep to myself most of the time but I am not unsociable. I am willing to assist and help out in any way that I can, but do not expect me to pay for every little thing.

I am looking for a clean, safe and drug free environment. Cigarette smoking is fine as, yes I am a smoker, but not in the home if requested not to do so. I believe in following set guidelines and respecting others, just as I expect them to respect me and my wishes.

The time frame I am looking at for this to all come together is in the near future, perhaps by August-September or before if possible. I would like to be able to maybe spend the summer months in NC, but that is simply a wish at this point.

I hope that there is someone out there, somewhere that perhaps has connections in Louisiana and or North Carolina and is willing to take that leap of faith in trusting and assistance to another.


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