Pagans Helping Pagans

Hello Everyone,

I don’t know where else to turn, so I am posting here in the hopes that someone here will be able to guide me into the right direction. I am living with my daughter in Louisiana at the present time, however, things are getting a little touchy at times, due to the fact that I am not in any way a part of her belief systems. It started out being really cool and a happy event, now it is turning into not so happy times.

I am without a car, I am working, in fact most days I walk a little over 2 miles to get there, which is fine, not complaining, just gets very tiring at times, but I deal with it just the same.

My hope is that someone will know of anyone who needs a car driven from Louisiana to North Carolina, which I would be able to do. I do have a valid Louisiana d/l and a very clean driving dmv record, so that is never an issue. I only would have one stipulation, and that is that it be an automatic, as I do not drive a standard/stick shift. I have my own GPS, so getting lost would not be an issue either, just need the trust that someone will able to assist.

The other issue is I need a valid place to live once in North Carolina. I prefer to be near the coast such as Wilmington, Shallotte, Fayetteville, or even Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but you know getting to any part of North Carolina will be an asset. I can always change once there. I will be very happy if someone has a spare room/garage apt, etc that they would be willing to rent me very cheaply, just until I can get myself situated. I will be also looking for a job, as my job here in Louisiana, naturally would no longer be valid. I will be able to get one almost immediately upon arrival, as long as I have a car and an address. I have my own cell phone, so I would be able to stay in touch with reality, so to speak.

My only other option would be to rent a car, which is extremely expensive, but if it came to that, I would have to do it, in order to get to North Carolina. I am married, but my husband is still overseas selling our property over there before he can join me in the US. I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC but I do not have any desire to live there. A smaller town is much better, as I really prefer the countryside.

If someone has a small farm that they need garden work done with perhaps a live on premises care taker, that would be ideal as well. At this point, I am almost willing to accept any position that anyone would have to offer. So if you are a Pagan willing to assist another Pagan, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing some replies soon, but if you plan to chew me out and be rude in your reply, please do not, as I do not like rude and disrespectful people nor their disrespectful words. Help a fellow Pagan if you can.


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