Magic Jack – Free Phone Calls

Well after a long time without being able to use my MagicJack phone, 2 years to be quite frank, I now have it operational again. However, it took me and 4 Techs to get it back on track and about 3-4 hours all total, whew!!!

If you have not heard about MagicJack, then by all means check out this link.

I have had mine quite a few years and my account is paid up through Feb 2017. To be able to call all over the USA for free, w/o paying long distance charges is a huge plus for me. I live in New Hampshire, but my family is located all over the place, so being able to make contact with them whenever I want w/o cost is a huge blessing.

It totals to quite a bit of savings a month, so I strongly advise anyone who has a home phone and or a huge cell phone charge a month to seriously look into the MagicJack Plus. This one you can use with or w/o a computer, how kool beans is that!!!

I am just super excited to have it back in action and look forward to talking again.

As always, may you be blessed in all you do, say, think and in your actions.

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