Happy Labor Day

Hey everyone,

It has been a few weeks since I posted to you so since today is Labor Day, well I thought it might be a good thing to post greetings to all and to show you a little bit of the area here. I have a wonderful little camera that my daughter gave to me and well, it is the best camera I have ever had. The pictures it takes is awesome and I kinda take it with me everywhere. This way I can grab pictures of anything I see and wish to preserve and I will always have a bit of my daughter with me. For many of you, you might not understand what that means, but to those of you who do know the situation, will understand.

There is nothing better than to know your family is close by, even though it might be miles apart. Life has a way of making one stop and think about their lives and reflect on the good times and try to push the bad aside. Family is family, no matter what. One will love a family member again no matter what.

I hope you will enjoy the video I have made and I would love to hear your feedback. This area is so beautiful and I will be making a new one once the colors change. It is my understanding that the colors here are not like any you have ever seen elsewhere. Naturally, we all say that about our areas. Will just have to wait and see when it happens. So that will give you something to look forward to..LOL..

Have a safe and happy Labor Day.

Well wouldn’t you know, this does NOT allow me to post a bloody video….Sorry folks. I tried.

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