News from New Hampshire

Well folks, Spring has finally started to arrive here in New Hampshire. It has been a long harsh and cold winter, but we have survived and now looking forward to the warmth of the sun and beauty of Mother Nature in full bloom. Not only does this mean flowers, vegetables, walks in the forest but it also mean that my loving husband will be here in 25 days. That has been a long time coming. We have finally sold the farm and things are moving rather rapidly now, sometimes not quickly enough, but one tends not to rush things. We feel that things happen exactly as and when they are supposed to and not a split second before or after.

I have gotten us into a small apartment, but the views are amazing and I could not be happier with the location. I took this picture this morning when I got up. It is still very pretty even tho there is still snow on the ground. After the snow season comes the mud season, which we are in now, but again we tolerate it as we know what lies ahead will be beauty. Mother Nature never send anything our way that we cannot handle or without a reason, and for that we must remain grateful.

There are so many things that one needs to get when establishing a new household. I never realized all that was necessary in order to live a nice quiet and peaceful lifestyle. I am a person who loves nature and all she has to offer, yet I like to make life simple and have a few luxuries.

My work schedule has kept me pretty busy lately, but I do seem to find a little time for myself to take advantage of some small  luxuries and once in a while to be able to post here on my blog. Last night I watched my favorite movie, Casablanca, which I happen to buy at Wal-Mart for $5.00. I now own it, so I can watch it anytime my heart desires.

Well I reckon I have bent your ears and eyes long enough for this session, so I will close it off and let you enjoy the pictures of the beautiful scenery.






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