Welcome to 2016

Well it has certainly been quite sometime since I have updated you on this blog. For that I am very sorry, but life does have a way of getting in the way.  A lot has taken place not only with me but with my husband as well. He is now a permanent resident, with a SS card, drivers lic and the whole kitten kaboddle, yahoo!!!! It cost us a lot of time and $ to make it happen, but it was all worth it. He no longer has to leave the country and waste money flying back and forth, which is a good thing as we have used all our money and now live from paycheck to paycheck, just like most everyone else.

I have a steady job with benefits and this is the only way that we are able to have medical ins. We had to get a newer car this year, as my little Mazda became a rust bucket and would not pass inspection, so we had no choice but to trade it in. I was never so shocked in all my life as I was when the car salesman got us approved for a 2011 model Volvo…wow..love it to bits.

We have a good life, but would love to be able to do more and meet more like minded people, but it will all come in time. I am working on a new website where you will be able to see and purchase my OOAK handmade items, when it is up and running. I will post a link when it is ready, so please keep checking in to see if it is open for business.

We have until Feb. to make an offer on the property we are renting, which I am hoping that we will be able to obtain. This place meets all our needs and is in a perfect setting, so I am asking for all your positive energies to filter our way, that we will be able to accomplish this goal.

May you be blessed in all you do, think, say & in your actions. Until next time, have a great adventure.                                                                                                                  rocking granny left


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